Guest Blog by Raegan Mallinson: A New Home

Sitting on my new back deck, listening to the humming of nearby Cottonwood Creek and a light breeze of the early hot spring night has instilled in me a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Having spent childhood summers on Kootenay Lake, the area has become engrained as a place to call home. The steep, jagged granite descending into the dark blue waters, with the contrasting light greens of the new spring blooms and dark greens of the conifers rising up into the horizon are spectacular. Kootenay Lake creates a feeling of gratitude and bliss for being able to experience and now reside in such a majestic place. With the light sand beaches scattered across the shoreline and water so pure, places like this are special and rare, raising a concern and inner responsibility to ensure the protection and stewardship of Kootenay Lake for others to experience. Being able to be apart of this peaceful, powerful lake’s stewardship is going to be a truly rewarding experience that I cannot wait to dive into.

Raegan is the newest addition to the Living Lakes Canada team. She is a recent graduate of the Environmental Science Program, Biology Concentration at the University of Calgary and has a certificate in Aboriginal Relations Leadership and CABIN field technician. Raegan is no stranger to summer in the Kootenays. She has worked with the Lake Windermere Ambassadors, and grassroots environmental organization Wildsight to help support their local water programs. Welcome Raegan!

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