Happy Canada Water Week!

By Megan Lorius

Canada Water Week (the third week in March) is always exciting for those of us lucky enough to work on the planning, outreach and communications.

This year we’ve worked hard to deliver a theme that’s close to so many Canadians — who doesn’t love a lake or river? Is there anyone who can’t dredge up a fond memory of casting a line into a babbling brook? Swimming on a hot summer day at the lake? Playing pick up hockey on a frozen pond?

This year, you can celebrate Canada Water Week without too much fuss. Pick up your camera, and snap a shot of you and your beloved water body. Tweet it or Instagram it, tagged with #canh2o, to join your fellow Canadians in an outpouring of love for our grand lakes and vibrant rivers!

You can also sign or make a video declaration of your love at www.ilovemylake.ca. It’s super easy and a great way to show you care about our fresh water.

Beyond showing your love, you can show your support too. Head out to one of the nearly 100 events taking place from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Check out the full listing at www.canadawaterweek.com.

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