Save water and money – all while looking good!

When I set off on my personal project of conducting a WaterSense bathroom make-over, I was determined to show that eco could also be chic and affordable.  Afterall, I’d like to think I have a little decorating standard, given the volume of HGTV shows that I watch.  I also work a non-profit job and am admittedly an eco-junkie. Though for the record, I believe that anyone who drinks water or breaths air has something significant to gain in supporting an eco-lifestyle.

But I digress.  I committed, as my personal action for Canada Water Week, to complete a mini WaterSense bathroom make-over.  And I even completed it by Earth Day (only a month or so after my target completion date).

My eco-chic make-over tips:

1.  Dress up a low-budget vanity with a modern and crisp looking (and of course WaterSense certified) faucet (vanity $100, WaterSense certified faucet, $130 on sale for 20% off).

2.  Choose low or better yet no VOC paints – which I’ve learnt most paints have become.  There are of course still those that are healthiest.  We went with a low VOC Beher option.  I looked into the No VOC options but the price difference was a little crazy and after significant research, I was content with the impact of the low VOC option.

3. You may not get the cheapest toilet on the market, and since I seem to live in one of the few Canadian Municipalities with no toilet rebate, we did pay a little more for our WaterSense certified toilet – $170 – but we got the sleek design that goes straight to the floor saving me time and frustration of having to clean that crevice area along the back of most toilet designs – a savings that, for me at least, is priceless!

4.  Take your WaterSense purchase analysis one-step further.  WaterSense certifies toilets that have a maximum sized 6 Litre tank.  Most toilets now qualify for this level.  We opted for the duo flush which gives us a 3L and a 6L flush option.  I don’t use the 6L flush ever so having this option has made both my partner and I happy.

5. If you have the time, be patient to save more money on your make-over. WaterSense products are getting promotional bang… maybe next year all of our major retailers will offer big in-store discounts on WaterSense products, I did see a big sale in at least one major retailed offering 20% off of WaterSense certified products.  That being said, every week some kind of toilet, faucet or showerhead is on sale…be patient and shop around and you’ll find the chic design that best suits your style that is WaterSense certified and on sale!

Save money and water all while looking good…

Would love to hear from you on your plans to join me in completing a WaterSense bathroom make-over.  Next year, I’ll (well I do the buying and my partner does the installing) tackle our main bath!





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