Why Guelph rocked Canada Water Week

Ocean Bliss

Last night, on behalf of the Canada Water Week co-organizers, I presented the Mayor of Guelph, Karen Farbridge, with the first ever Canada Water Week Award of Recognition for Guelph’s outstanding efforts in support of Canada Water Week. The award, which will now be given every year at the end of Canada Water Week, recognizes communities that excel at building local energy, support and awareness on water issues during the week. And this is no ordinary award–this year, it was a beautiful one-of-a-kind painting from talented Toronto artist Meena Jagait.

Why did Guelph get this award? Well, this year they really pulled out all the stops for Canada Water Week. They peppered our events calendar with 10 separate events, including a City tour of the water treatment facility, demonstration projects for water innovation, presentations on rainwater recycling, an expert panel at the University of Guelph, film screenings and much more. The City also released a progress report on their water conservation strategy (something else they’ve won awards for) showing residents and businesses how they are working together to reduce the city’s collective water footprint. And they got great coverage in their local media.

Guelph was a worthy winner of the 2012 Recognition Award and they laid down the gauntlet to other cities and communities for next year’s Canada Water Week. If you think your city or community is up to the challenge let us know – it’s in all our interests to see the “Guelph effect” spread across the country!

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