Canada Water Week – in my home and across the country!

As with any good renovation, my WaterSense bathroom make-over is running a little behind schedule.

We are actually doing two bathroom make-overs one in the half-bath on our main floor and the 2nd in our main bathroom. Let’s just say, one is on hold and the 2nd is in that middle state between total demolition and completion.

My WaterSense fixtures and toilet are sitting nicely in their boxes in my living room as we continue to try to find time to get the walls patched and painted. In the meantime, I keep hoping that contest rules will change and I’ll get to win one of the fancy WaterSense certified touch technology faucets that Delta donated to Canada Water Week. You could still win one by celebrating Canada Water Week and World Water Day with us… find out how at:

We do have our WaterSense certified toilet installed in our second floor washroom, as our old 12L tank toilet was just not going to do. The debate on what toilet to buy was much larger than I had anticipated. I was also amazed at how many toilets still had tanks over 6L.

I, of course wanted the most water efficient toilet on the market. That meant a 3L tank. My partner, on the other hand, was not convinced that the 3L would have enough … “flushing power” … let’s say. So, as all great partnerships do, we met in the middle and purchased a 3L-6L duo flush. The design actually won us over just as much as the water usage. The toilet doesn’t have the shaped bottom that is such a pain to clean, it flows straight to the floor, no crevices for dust to collect. We have had the toilet installed for a few weeks now and I quite like our purchase. I have not used the 6L flush yet and it is working just fine!

Canada Water Week is not just about my bathroom make-over though, there has been so much fantastic activity this week and it’s been great to see. From creek walks to film screenings to low water footprint lunches, there are some fantastic events right across the country.

Even Stephen Harper is celebrating Canada Water Week – his idea of celebrating Canada Water Week is to plan a gutting of the fisheries act. He clearly didn’t read our recommendations for events that highlight our need to honour and protect water in Canada. In all seriousness though, this move has tremendous implications. We need a federal government that will oversee and ensure the health of ALL Canada’s waters. This kind of move requires public consult and a thorough and transparent examination. On the surface, it looks like a clear move to allow for expedited approvals of industrial projects that will have significant impacts to our waters in Canada. It is times like these that show we need a united movement of water stewards across Canada.

Follow the news and discussion taking place at #fisheriesact. Join those voices by following and sharing this disturbing news.

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