So much activity in the lead up to Canada Water Week 2012

As we’ve been preparing for this year’s Canada Water Week, I have come to be increasingly aware of water’s impact on nearly everything around me. Not only is water essential to our very lives, but nearly every item we touch, eat or use requires water for its own existence. “Discover Your Water Footprint,” the theme for this year’s Canada Water Week, is all about understanding the use (and in some cases, the abuse) of water.

For me, this exploration began in my own home. I recently purchased my first home. It didn’t take long to realize that we had leaky faucets, water guzzling toilets and a shower-head that left a little to be desired. This is when I began planning my own WaterSense bathroom makeover.

As part of Canada Water Week this year, we are partnering with the WaterSense Canada Consortium in an effort to increase profile and attention to the water conservation certification for water appliances and fixtures. Despite the emergence of the WaterSense logo in Canadian retailers, it remains less known or recognized than some of its certification counterparts – such as EnergyStar.

To find out more about WaterSense check out the US-based site and stay tuned for more Canadian materials at

Have you decided how you are going to celebrate Canada Water Week this year? Check out some of the early events posted online at Consider joining with me in doing your own mini-makeover with WaterSense and start your own journey of discovering your water footprint.

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