Clean Homes, Clean Air, Clean Water

What do you use to keep your counters clean, your floors shining or your windows smudge-free? So many of our cleaning products end up down the drain and thus directly into our water supplies. One of the top-10 ways to ensure your home is healthy and eco-friendly, shared this past weekend at Barrie’s Ecofest by the ladies at DS2Designs, is to ensure our cleaning products are chemical and toxin free. Deciding what we do in our homes is one of the easiest things we can do to integrate healthy and green choices in our daily lives.

For me, it also begs the question, why are chemical and toxic substances even allowed to be in cleaning products in the first place? I believe we are better off to error on the side of promoting health by simply avoiding any substances that have significant health concerns. This would also have the side benefit of reducing illness rates, which would undoubtedly have an effect on some of our health care concerns across the country.

Improving indoor air quality would also have an effect of reducing illness amongst our population. Often one of the best, and quite enjoyable, ways of improving indoor air quality is by integrating more plants into our homes. Living walls are such a warm and inviting way of bringing the outdoors in while also cleaning the air that we breath. Wolfgang Amelung introduce us to these living walls with some great visions and models of how we can green our walls but also our public centres, and businesses. The large installations Genetron Systems are currently proposing for high schools are impressive.

Maybe it’s because I do love gardening, or that I love sitting amongst the green outdoors, but the idea of living amongst greenery is so welcoming.

So I am committing to integrating more greens into my home, I surprisingly only have two indoor plants (I already don’t use cleaning products that contain toxic substances). I also am going to pay more attention to where our political parties stand on these issues. As we round off our election year in Ontario with a fall election, it makes sense to start the exploration there. Will you join me?

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