One degree of separation

It has been a weekend of eco-solutions on the shores of Lake Simcoe.  In it’s second year, Barrie’s EcoFest brought together the best in healthy, sustainable living.  I was spent my weekend at the festivals EcoGreen Build stage.  From grey water systems to eco-design tips, the stage was full of the regions brightest in sustainable living.  I found myself as the weekend progressed making the one-degree separation that each of these solutions had to water protection efforts.  Water really is everywhere and needed in most everything.

First up at the EcoGreen Build stage, was Andrew Miller of Barrie’s Back to Basics, who spoke of how the sites premier demonstration, an eco-pod house, came to fruition.  The eco-pod house introduced to festival attendee’s a wrath of healthy and just living options.

The grey water demonstration system in the eco-house could take all the water used in the taps of the house to provide the fluid required for flushing toilets.  Did you know that the average Canadian uses 40L/day by simply flushing the toilet? Chris Thompson of Project Innovations reminded people how water intensive our lives are while also providing solutions that can help all of us conserve water in our day-to-day.

Did you know that Ontario was home to the world’s largest solar park? I did not and was feeling confident when I answered “Germany” to George Hughes from Simcoe Solar’s question during his presentation. From intensive use to issues of contamination, “conventional” sources of energy, from coal fired power to nuclear energy to fossil fuels to fracking for natural gas, have tremendous impacts on our water systems. Finding energy solutions is integral in efforts to protect water. Adam Smith, of Yanch Geothermal continued on that trend as he shared the tremendous opportunities that exist to harness the earth’s natural heat to both warm and cool our homes.

This is just a sampling of the solutions that were being shared this past weekend in Barrie, come back tomorrow as I continue to explore the 1 degree of separation between water and eco-solutions found at Barries EcoFest:

-Designing for an eco-friendly home;

-Living Walls;

-Energy Efficiency; and

-Social Housing.

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